11.08, 2023
Amotech pioneered the North American global EV market... First supply of MLCC
Amotech supplies multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) to global EV manufacturers in North America. MLCC is an element that directs the flow of electricity stably in electric circuits. There are more than 10,000 MLCCs are in a single EV. According to the industry on the 24th, Amotech recently received final approval for MLCC supply from North American global EV manufacturers. Having passed the final quality test (Quality), Amotech will supply the products through a primary global EV partner in North America within this year. The MLCC will be installed in advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) related parts. It has the highest capacity for its size, and is a product that only global top-tier MLCC manufacturers can mass-produce. Amotech is preparing to set a stepping stone for growth by expanding different types of MLCCs that are being supplied to applicable companies. Unlike general MLCC products, Vehicle specific MLCCs have a difficult quality test, because certain functions must be able to perform in high-temperature or high-pressure environments. Durability and reliability of MLCCs are the most important aspects in the global MLCC market for EVs, and a small number of major companies in Japan and South Korea are monopolizing it. Amotech's success in supplying MLCCs to global EV manufacturers in North America is interpreted as the positive outcome of being recognized for its technology in product development and mass production. Amotech is putting a lot of effort into MLCC as a new business. It secured and accumulated differentiated technology by producing chip varistors that have similar manufacturing processes to MLCCs for more than 20 years. Amotech is equipped technology to to mass-produce optimal products for each applicable industry by combining varieyt of MLCC electrode materials. It also holds various technology patents such as MLCC material, product structure, and composition. Amotech is expanding its MLCC portfolio. It plans to increase the supply of MLCCs in EV battery management systems (BMS) and infotainment systems. The demand for MLCCs is increasing every year as EVs are becoming the norm and electronic devices are becoming more sophisticated. Amotech is developing specific MLCCs of the PME (Precious Metal Electrode type) series, which are essential in high-temperature and high-pressure environments, such as 5G (5G) communication base stations, semiconductor equipment, medical devices, and military equipment. Amotech has built a product line that can withstand to various voltages, capacities, and sizes in the field of nickel-based BME (Base Metal Electrode type). It has secured a diverse lineup of MLCCs from general-purpose to special usage. Amotech’s accomplishments are visible. Starting with its first time supplying MLCC to ZTE, a Chinese telecommunication equipment company in last November, Amotech is currently in charge of product approval process from a global telecommunication equipment company. The possibility of receiving a 'love call' from other auto manufacturers became more likely following the North American global EV order as an opportunity. By Staff Reporter Sora Park ( 더보기 >
09.04, 2022
아모텍, 中 ZTE에 MLCC 공급...신사업 '성장 궤도'
아모텍, 中 ZTE에 MLCC 공급...신사업 '성장 궤도'
아모텍이 신사업으로 키우는 MLCC에서 본격 성과가 나오기 시작했다는 분석이 나온다. ZTE는 아모텍 MLCC 첫 대형 거래처로 의미가 남다르다. 앞으로 MLCC 추가 공급 성과도 기대된다. 현재 아모텍은 중화권 업체뿐 아니라 북미 고객사 등과도 부품 공급을 논의 중이다. 아모텍은 경쟁사보다 초소형 제품 MLCC 제품을 먼저 개발해 북미 광통신 메이저 업체에도 공급을 논의하고 있다. 아모텍은 차별화한 MLCC 공정 기술을 보유했다. 회사는 MLCC와 제조 공정이 유사한 멀티레이어 칩 바리스터를 20년 이상 주력으로 개발하며 제조 공정 기술을 축적했다. MLCC 소재도 자체 생산한다. 원자재 가격 변동에 따른 사업 리스크도 낮다. MLCC 특허도 다수 확보했다. 회사는 다양한 MLCC 전극 재료 조합하고 특수 소재를 적용해 다양한 제품을 생산할 수 있는 기술 특허를 보유했다. 제품 구조, 재료, 조성 등 영역에서 관련 특허를 다수 출원했다. 아모텍은 MLCC에서 내년 전체 매출의 20~30%가 발생할 것으로 기대하고 있다. 아모텍은 올해부터 MLCC 사업에서 매출이 발생했다. 내년부터 더욱 다양한 종류의 MLCC를 출시한다. 통신용 MLCC에서 반도체, 의료기기 시장으로 사업 분야를 다각화하고 내후년부터 대형 사이즈 MLCC, 기판 타입 신기종 등 사업 영역을 확대한다. 김병규 아모텍 대표는 “신사업인 MLCC가 내년부터 본격 양산을 시작한다“면서 “2025년까지 5000억 규모 매출로 명실상부한 MLCC 전문 기업으로 성장하겠다”고 말했다. 더보기 >

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